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"When it came to choosing a local photographer for our wedding, it was an easy decision.  Reliable, professional and unobtrusive, he provided beautiful illustrations of our special day right from the preparation stages through to the dancing, capturing all the special moments in between.  As always, he was efficient with the post-event editing, so we were able to view our photos via the internet while we were away on our honeymoon.  Thank you Toshi, for such lovely memories!" - Helen & Will
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"Having worked with Toshi for several years, executing photo shoots for advertising clients, and having seen how incredibly talented he is at capturing people's natural expressions - when it came time to decide on our wedding photographer, my fingers were crossed that he would accept this work! His ability to capture our wedding day and all the emotions and experiences that go along with it - was amazing. He has a way of making things way more creative and compelling than standard wedding photos."

—Lindsay & Dave
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We first fell in love with his pictures from his website but more so after the pictures he took of us before the wedding. At the wedding, he took beautiful photographs of our family, friends, the chapel and if I may say myself, ourselves!
Toshi captured the emotion and feeling of that day so perfectly.  His pictures will always make us remember of the warm feeling we got when we exchanged our vows, had our first kiss, and walked down the isle with the bells ringing and the bubbles floating .  We hope to have pictures taken again by Toshi in the future.  How wonderful would it be, to have timeless photos of our growing family, taken by a great photographer.

—Rie & Takashi
"Toshi Kawano's photography transforms its subjects into a super-reality that gives a sensation as if seeing with new eyes. He is an artist with light."

—Howard White, Publisher, Harbour Publishing
"His photography is sharp and crystal clear, -that is all I had known about him. And I found right away that this from his sensibilities in his personality when I finally met him. He is also one of the photographers using our cameras at the front line. We constantly passing our engineers his helpful feedback on our products to improve our product line."

—Kazuhiko Sugawara, Manager, Corporate Communications Centre, Canon Inc.
"Toshi's work has captured the hearts and minds of our clients, as well as the designers in our studio. He has an uncanny ability for capturing people in their surroundings and for making the viewer actually FEEL the emotions of the subject. More than once, Toshi's photographs have been an inspiration for our designs."

—Danielle Kristmanson, Creative Director/Principal, Origin Design & Communications Ltd.
"Tourism Whistler worked with Toshi on numerous photo shoots, he has been highly professional, passionate about his work, and innovative in his approach. His love of photography and understanding of how to capture emotion and energy is certainly portrayed through his work. I highly recommend Toshi to any client who is seeking a photographer who listens, executes and delivers a high quality product, again and again."

—Oliver Flaser, Tourism Whistler
"As a designer working in the tourism travel industry, I've always appreciated Toshi's gifted sense of style and craftsmanship. He is a stand out among his peers with a strong portfolio that reflects a commitment and passion for his work and the subjects he shoots. His photography inspires and connects. A genuine and friendly person, I'll always have time for Toshi both professionally and personally."

—Jesse Korzan, Former Web Designer, Tourism Whistler
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